What we do

We are sustainability business and brands designers. Specialized in sustainability strategies and innovation, successful change, and sustainable growth. With our Triple Win Approach© we help CEOs, Commercial, Marketing, Sustainability and Innovation directors with change together with your organization and team. With fun, learning by doing and making impact!

We excel in the following 5 areas of expertise:

1. Inspiration

We challenge you to look and operate from a new perspective, the Triple Win© perspective. Sustainable value creation for the company/brand, customer and planet and society. And inspire you starting today with creating a positive impact for a sustainable future for your company and brand. And to transform your sustainability challenges of today into your growth opportunities of tomorrow. We offer you several workshops involving inspiring cases and concrete approaches. And can help you to map out your starting position and show you the sustainable impact and growth opportunities for your company. Both for the short and the long term. In this way, creativity, innovation, discovering new markets and smart and sustainable operating will help you to create an impact in the market.


2. Strategy

We facilitate people in your organisation to get sustainability in the core of your business and/or your brand. Both at a strategic and operational level and involving all disciplines, from marketing, sales, to supply chain and production. Making a measurable footprint is part of the approach. For this, Ecochain technologies is our partner. On top of that, we help you to create a successful transition approach. Always in collaboration with all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, communities, investors, etc. For strategy development we use our unique Triple Win© Approach, which is developed in cooperation with the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University. 

3. Innovation

We facilitate business development and innovation projects for both products and services as new business models, such as circularity, new distribution channels (for example local distribution), as well as setting up new ventures or start-ups. Always with sustainable impact, both green and social, as output. We also support you in innovation projects together with several stakeholders in the whole value chain. For innovation we work together with Limelights. 

4. Implementation

We help to deliver the impact with your entire organisation. We design tailor-made implementation processes with your employees and translate these into a roadmap with concrete and measurable projects. And, if necessary, these include capability development for new skills and competences. This will enable employees to break new ground, reimagine their perspectives and create a positive impact.

5. Alliances

With our extensive network in agri- and food and our many years of experience with value chain innovation, we create alliances for the much-needed value chain transitions. Such as the food transition towards a healthier and more plant-based diet with fair and local products. In this way we drive sustainable change in the whole value chain: with farmers, seed breeders, logistic companies, municipalities, producers, supermarkets, cooperations and consumers.

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The office of IMPACTING.today is centrally located in the Netherlands, in beautiful green Driebergen, within walking distance of the NS station Driebergen-Zeist. If you come by car, you can park in our backyard.