How do you make your company CSRD-proof and capitalize on green growth?

The CSRD requires a considerable change task. And offers the opportunity to integrate sustainability into the heart of the company's strategy and activities. A lot of work, but also a great opportunity for positive impact, innovation, new products and services, sustainable positioning and attracting new employees. But yes, you also run into missing knowledge, too little capacity and an already overstretched labor market, a full strategic agenda and the need for a concrete approach to become CSRD-proof.

Wat is een goed stappenplan?
In principle, the CSRD requires six steps from a company:

  1. Create a double materiality matrix
  2. Measure your Green House Gas (GHG) -CO2 eq.- emissions
  3. Create a sustainability strategy, including transition plans
  4. Define quantitative and qualitative goals
  5. Set up CRSD reporting
  6. Create an internal and external communication plan

From our experience, this takes about 24 months from start to finish, depending on what is already there and the available capacity and knowledge. So if you have to start reporting on 2025, and that goes for most companies, you should start in January 2023. In terms of capacity, you would need about 1 FTE, ideally your (interim) sustainability manager, who will work with an internal team of ± 6-8 people. The team members will then each spend 2 days of their time on this.

So no time to waste, start now!
If you need support, we are happy to help you. We have developed a CSRD Quick scan, which gives you quick insight into how you can best approach this. And if necessary to support you in making the plan, a footprint and the implementation. But also with just a step further. We take this extra step with your company by not considering the CSRD as an end goal, but as a means to develop the sustainability strategy, to boost the performance of your company. And make a positive impact, so that you can attract more customers and talents know how to find your company.

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