BNR Duurzaam: see first-hand how climate change is already happening

On May 16th Muriel Arts CEO of co-hosted in an episode of BNR Duurzaam. Together with Hasse Goosen en Harm Edens, Muriel talks about the effects of climate change in the Netherlands. 

It's too dry in the Netherlands. Showing that climate change is already happening. 

Hasse Goosen is from Climate Adaption Services, the institute behind 'klimaateffectatlas' and ''. Their website contains concrete numbers and models in terms of climate change. According to their calculations, the effects of climate change will result in a minimum loss of 180 billion euro's if nothing would change. At the moment, climate adaptation is mostly locally directed with minimum results. Therefore, Hasse calls for a national direction when it comes to climate adaption. 

Interested in smart and practical ways to adapt your organisation to climate change?

Listen to the podcast below!