Ondernemende reünisten: How and where can you find 'purpose'?

A buzz-word: Purpose. As entrepreneur you want achieve good results. Somewhere inside of you, you feel that you would like to do something extra and give back to society, something sustainable, something for someone else. But how can you combine Purpose with new opportunities? What can you offer?

Get inspired by Muriel Arts who is an expert in this field. Muriel is CEO of IMPACTING.today. Business and Brands for a better tomorrow. 

Muriel has a powerful story with applicable examples. After the story of Muriel, we will move into break-out rooms in which we will help each other how we can establish more Purpose. 

Find your Purpose in 1,5 hours. Thursday the 12th of May from 16:00 - 17:30 via zoom. Sign up! Meld je aan.